Virtual Exhibits

Festival Booths:

  1. Robomania

    This video series gives you a look inside NSC’s Robomania Lab and shows you some of the most popular, interesting robots that are available on the market – tactical robot, phantom 3 drone, Roomba robotic vacuum, EV3 robotics kit, NAO humanoid robot and Baxter manufacturing robot. Learn about the features of the various robots that make them unique for their various functions.

  2. Kidiplay

    Tailored for our younger attendees, Kidiplay is packed with activities that’s sure keep them busy with hands-on, easy-to-do projects at home. Use our videos and downloadable resources to explore a variety of topics such as colour mixing, shapes and astronomy… And we’ve put together a fleet of exciting games to sharpen those problem-solving skills!

  3. Story Alive

    We’re exploring storytelling so be ready to think outside the box! Storytelling doesn't have to mean writing with a pencil and paper or drawing picture – let’s get digital! Digital storytelling involves combining digital media (images, voice narration, music, text, or motion) to tell a story. Craft and share your very own stories in fun, creative and unusual ways. Get ready for an experience that’s magical, transformative, and a lot of fun!

  4. Self-Driving Cars? Oh My!

    Is it okay to drink and drive? How about using cell phones while driving? This area promotes and encourages the safe use of roads by all of its users: drivers and pedestrians. Learn about good judgement, the importance of pedestrian safety and how various technologies in the automotive industry can improve driver and passenger safety in vehicles.

  5. Totally Tech & Virtual World

    1F Y0U C4N R3AD TH15, Y0U AR3 T3CH R3ADY. NIHERST takes you on a journey through deep techs in this area. Lots of resources and gaming experiences for you to grasp how these technologies work and impact us, to sharpen your coding and programming skills, and to help you understand the importance of digital wellness and wellbeing.

  6. Raging Planet

    Why do we call it the Raging Planet? Learn about the hazards of natural disasters. You never know when one will hit so be prepared. Learn how create a disaster emergency kit of your own, explore the world of seismology and much more!

  7. Brain Rush

    Brain Rush explores the anatomy and physiology of the human brain. Experience a wide range of games and activities which puts your brain to full use. Believe it – play develops your brain in unique ways. Join us as we explore the power of the human brain!

  8. Planetarium

    Don’t miss out on a wonderful astronomy experience when NIHERST’s Planetarium goes virtual to take you on a journey through space!

  9. Get a Clue! Explore Forensics

    Step into the world of Forensic Science and learn the basics, from how your fingerprints make you unique to full-scale criminal investigative techniques to uncover whodunit. Let us teach you the skills needed to catch the culprit!

  10. Shell STREAM Bus

    Join us on the Shell STREAM Bus where we will be streaming fun-based learning like never before. During our highly interactive sessions, we’ll help students bridge the knowledge gap between their classroom experience and the world of work with our on-demand videos and downloadable resources. BUS: Bringing Unrivalled Service!

  11. Healthy Lifestyles

    Health is wealth! Stop by and explore the anatomy of the human body, and the effects of diet, exercise, and drug abuse. Learn about the importance of healthy eating, how to create a balanced meal, lifestyle diseases and see cutting-edge imagery of the effect of COVID-19 on the human body.

  12. 3D Lab

    Learn all about 3D printing and explore some of its real-life applications. Go on a video tour of the NIHERST Fab Lab and learn how our Innovation Technicians bring ideas to life. Also interact with a unique cloud-based experience that shows you the application of 3D printing in medicine!

  13. AgroWorld

    Love gardening and animals? Stop by this area to explore useful DIY practices and techniques that encourage you to develop your own at-home gardens. Learn about some of the latest developments in farming technologies, agro-processing and how NIHERST is contributing to the agricultural landscape.

  14. Eco Den

    Sustainable You! Discover what it means to be sustainable through fun, interactive activities based around the five major areas of sustainability: land, air, food, energy, and water. Use your powers to manipulate renewable energy sources and fuel Earth with clean energy that never runs out, responsibly manage natural resources, explore biodiversity and the beauty of Earth’s flora and fauna, and learn about how NIHERST is contributing to sustainability.

  15. Quantum Computing

    The dream of “quantum computing” is here – humans have the power to harness the power of quantum-level mechanics in order to create computers far faster and more powerful than any available today on the general consumer market. Learn the fundamentals and how close we are to making this a reality!

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  • TechKno Theatre Feature Presentations: A variety of daily livestream sessions on the STKF 2.0 event platform. Presentations include technical SciTalk discussions and panels, family-friendly Science Shows and Demonstrations, Read-along and Storytelling, and popular entertainment.

  • STREAM Workshops: Daily 30–90-minute interactive workshop sessions offering a deeper dive into a variety of STREAM topics and content including robotics, artificial intelligence, music production, animation, game design, 3d printing, coding, and much more – presented by the NIHERST, Shell STREAM Programme and other engaging festival partners.

  • In-person Experiences

  • Competitors