Sci-TechKnoFest 2.0 - The Deep Tech Revolution

This historical pandemic has accelerated the demand for technology in multiple fields and industries.

Deep Tech movements include Artificial Intelligence (AI); Extended Reality (XR); 3D Printing; Internet of Things (IoT); Blockchain; Autonomous Vehicles; Quantum Computing.

STKF 2.0 is the first virtual iteration of the traditional festival. Historically staged as an in-person experience, STKF 2.0 stands

Apart from its predecessors as the festival undertakes a pivot from its traditional means to delivery via a virtual event platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival is FREE of charge and caters to all, from preschool to senior citizens. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

This fun-filled week of virtually delivered interactive activities and performances that celebrate the excitement of STREAM will take place over the period 21st – 27th March 2022.

Shell Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. is our platinum social investment partner of Sci-TechKnoFest 2.0