The Government of Trinidad and Tobago recognises the strategic role of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in achieving sustainable development. In economic terms this is seen as creating a diversified knowledge-based economy that thrives on the creativity of its citizens, their innovativeness, their productivity and global competitiveness. Such an economy relies on an innovative, well-educated and technically-trained workforce which makes human resource development one of the country's top priorities. In preparing the country's workforce to meet the new challenges ahead, it is essential to immerse citizens more fully and actively in science education and to expand the country's human resource base in STI. The on-going production of knowledge, its commercialisation and widespread dissemination are also necessary for achieving economic development and improvements in the quality of life of all citizens without harm to our natural environment.

To assist in the realisation of government's developmental objectives, NIHERST has been given a mandate in Science Popularisation & Promotion. Under this mandate NIHERST, has established the National Science Centre which is responsible for planning and executing programmes in science popularisation in order to improve citizens' understanding of and engagement in science, to develop their innovative capacity, to encourage students in their pursuit of science studies and careers, and to nurture a national science ethos. One key outreach programme for promoting these objectives is Sci-TechKnoFest - Trinidad and Tobago's unique national science festival. With its distinctive brand of science theatre, hands-on exhibits and displays, Sci-TechKnoFest is the largest and longest-held science festival within the Caribbean region.

Our Aim

  • To Demystify!
    Sci-TechKnoFest aims to promote greater public awareness and understanding of science and technology, its impact on our everyday life and well-being, and the vital role it plays in promoting economic prosperity.
  • To Empower!
    It is our desire that visitors to the festival will gain greater understanding and knowledge, and therefore increased confidence to enable them make more informed choices about scientific issues and apply new developments in science and technology, both in the work place and in the home.

Sci-TechKnoFest continued to deliver on the expectation of a fun and learning experience to our visitors of all ages as they explore and discover. We believe that the continuous staging of this event will help our people to become more scientifically and technologically literate, creative and innovative. This is indispensable to achieve our goal of developing a more diversified knowledge-based economy that ensures sustainability and prosperity for all.