NIHERST's Vacation Camps provide youth with an opportunity for constructive learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) content. The goal of this programme is to contribute to the development of the next generation of STEM thought leaders.

We are focused on the key output… Our campers… Our future leaders whose knowledge and skills we will rely on to the develop and improve society.

Ultim8 STEM! Camps
NIHERST's Ultim8 STEM! camps use hands-on activities and technologies to inspire and educate about phenomena in the natural and physical world. All activities are designed to stimulate campers' curiosity in STEM and to build critical 21st century learning and innovation skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, communication and creativity.

Camp Time
9:00a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Camp Dates and Location
  • EAST: 25th - 28th March – Arima Community Centre (ACC)
  • NORTH: 2nd - 5th April – Barataria Community Centre (BCC)

Age Groups (for each theme):

  • (5-6), (7-9), (10-13), (14-17)
  • *Please note that the Arima Community Center registration is now closed
  • *Please note that the following camps are filled for specific age group(s) in Barataria Community Center:
    Ages (7-9) and (10-13)
    Molecular Gastronomy (14-17yrs) BCC – Wed 3rd April
    CHEM-magination (14-17yrs) BCC – Thurs 4th April


  • $100.00 per day
  • Camp Schedule:

    Rockets Away! 25 th March 2nd April
    Molecular Gastronomy 26 th March 3 rd April
    CHEM-magination 27 th March 4 th April
    Camp Rock 28 th March 5 th April

    Camp Themes

    Theme Description Learning Outcomes
    Rockets Away! Prepare for liftoff as we launch into an astronomical adventure using hands-on rocketry and explore the cosmos through the lens of a rocket. 3..2..1..Blast off! Understand the fundamental principles of rocketry, including propulsion, aerodynamics and engineering.
    Design, create and launch your own rocket.
    Molecular Gastronomy Grab your aprons, mittens and curiosity as you mix, measure and munch your way through a gastronomical adventure where science meets the art of delicious discovery. Explore STEM concepts associated with food preparation and preservation. Demonstrate basic culinary skills.
    CHEM-magination Embark on a thrilling adventure of colours, explosions and fizzing concoctions. Join us where chemistry meets curiosity, and every experiment is a chance to discover the extraordinary. Explain the STEM concepts behind various chemical reactions.
    Camp Rock Unfold the Earth’s story beneath your fingertips and uncover its stony science secrets. Gems, crystals and many other hidden treasures await in this wild geology ride where every discovery rocks! Explore basic geology concepts including rock cycles, fossilisation, crystallization and natural disasters.

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