Trinidad and Tobago has nurtured many sons and daughters who have left their mark in science and technology to the benefit of peoples in the Caribbean and around the world. For many, their contributions have gone unrecognised and unrecorded. The NIHERST Awards for Excellence in Science and Technology seek to recognise and reward nationals for outstanding achievements in science and technology, to provide positive role models for our youth to emulate, and to record our scientific heritage.

The Awards

Awardees receive a medal and are profiled in the NIHERST publication series entitled "Trinidad and Tobago Icons in Science and Technology". The award categories are:

The Fenrick De Four Award for Engineering

Fenrick De Four was an electrical engineer who was the lead author of almost every national engineering code and standard in Trinidad and Tobago. He was a founding member, President and Fellow of the Association of Professional Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago (APETT), and the first Chairman of the Board of Engineers of Trinidad and Tobago. >>>

The Emmanuel Ciprian Amoroso Award for Medical Sciences

Emmanuel Ciprian Amoroso was a distinguished professor in the field of medical science research and education. His work on the structure and function of the placenta laid the foundation for the study of modern obstetrics. He is considered a pioneer in the development of the fields of endocrinology and reproductive biology. Professor Amoroso was also Chair of Veterinary Physiology at the Royal Veterinary College for 21 years. >>>

The Rudranath Capildeo Award for Applied Science & Technology

Dr. Rudranath Capildeo was renowned for his intellectual contribution to the fields of applied mathematics and physics. His interest in and understanding of, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity resulted in new theories, such as the “Theory of Rotation and Gravity” or “Capildeo’s Theory”. He was also a gifted educator of mathematics and physics and taught at University College London among other institutions. >>>

The Julian Kenny Award for Natural Sciences

Professor Julian Stanley Kenny was an eminent zoologist, author and columnist. He taught for over 25 years at the UWI, St. Augustine and was highly regarded internationally for his extensive knowledge and seminal research on the ecology of Trinidad and Tobago. Through his publications and photographs, many of our unique and endangered species were documented for posterity. Professor Kenny was one of the first environmental activists in the country and was known for his firm stance on the protection of the environment. >>>

The Anthony Williams Award for Technological Innovation in Arts & Culture

Anthony Williams is considered a musical genius in pan tuning and arranging and a steelpan innovator. His most famous contribution to the steelpan is the pattern of the placement of the notes on the instrument. This new design improved the tone of the instrument. He was the first to add wheels to the bass drums and he improved the way pans were made by introducing a mould method. He also initiated the first scientific study on the instrument by testing many of his ideas at CARIRI. >>>

The Frank Rampersad Award for Junior Scientist

NIHERST’s first president, Frank Rampersad, was a brilliant economist who supported indigenous research and development and human capacity building in fields of science and engineering that were critical to economic development. He provided opportunities for young researchers to develop their scientific knowledge and technical skills, as well as to get exposure and recognition for their research.

The Ranjit Kumar Award for Junior Engineer

Ranjit Kumar was a well-known legislator and civil engineer. He planned, designed and constructed the first dual carriageway in Trinidad and Tobago, known today as Wrightson Road, completed in 1940. He also built irrigation and drainage systems, bringing water to many parts of the country, and worked on the site for the construction of the Hilton Hotel. >>>