The Prime Minister's Awards are open to any individual who believes he/she has a viable, creative solution to an everyday problem, an invention or innovation. The Awards are presented on the outcomes of TWO competitions:

  • Scientific Innovation & Invention Competition where concepts and prototypes will be evaluated.
  • Scientific Creative Solutions Competition where only concepts will be evaluated.

With TT$1,500,000 in prizes competition is open to ALL persons over 13 years. Persons/groups can enter any number of times in either competition, or both. Evaluation of entries will occur in three (3) stages:

  • Stage I - [Preliminary Evaluation] Screening is based on details in the registration form.
  • Stage II - [Written report] Successful candidates from Stage I are evaluated on their written report and signed agreements.
  • Stage III - [Presentation] Successful candidates from Stage II are evaluated on the oral presentation of their ideas and their prototypes if applicable.