"The document presents a very thorough and relevant analysis of an important ICT sub-sector in TT, namely the Animation Industry. This is a timely report in the context of TT’s existing efforts to address its economic dependence on export earnings from hydrocarbons through a range of investments in innovation in alternative economic sectors, aligned with the National Development Strategy (Vision 2030). This report represents an important step in this direction, identifying key actors, challenges and opportunities in the sectoral innovation system / value chain of TT’s animation industry, accompanied by a concrete action plan and key performance indicators for the sector. In summary, we welcome this report as an important step in the right direction towards the strengthening of TT’s national innovation system, in particular for the Animation Industry. This, in coordination with wider efforts at a national level, should set a solid foundation to drive TT’s diversification and innovation agenda forward."

- Dr David Leal-Ayala, Senior Policy Analyst, Policy Links at IfM Education & Consultancy Services, University of Cambridge
(June 2018)

"The study is a very rigorous, detailed analysis that includes all elements relevant for a solid understanding of the sector and its potential future evolution: Specifically, the study provides:

  • an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the sector including a very valuable mapping and assessment of the industry’s situation regarding innovation,
  • concrete achievements of the industry are identified (among them an “increasing drive towards the production of high-quality original animated content by local producers”, which occurred despite objective impediments, which are also described in detail,
  • an analysis of a way forward to strengthen the sector with concrete proposals to improve technical and non-technical capabilities,
  • a detailed overview of the industry’s value chain, stakeholders, and key performance indicators,
  • an overview of the stakeholders’ views,
  • a solid proposal for an action plan of support to the industry. The costing of it could perhaps be useful for the Government as an additional tool in planning its future diversification support efforts.
  • the executive summary and a solid bibliography.

The study is hence an indispensable tool for all those concerned with the diversification effort in Trinidad and Tobago, the country’s proven ingenuity of human capital, policy making, and avenues for future development."

- Ulrich Thiessen, Dr. habil., International Cooperation Programme Manager, Delegation of the European Union to Trinidad and Tobago
(June 2018)