Scientific Creative Solutions Competition

The Scientific Creative Solutions Competition targets individuals who can conceptualise solutions to everyday problems in any domain, but who are unable to take their ideas to the prototype stage. Solutions must be well designed to meet the needs of end 'users' while keeping in harmony with the environment and the norms of society. The challenge therefore is two-fold:

  • 1. Identify a problem
  • 2. Create a worthwhile solution to solve the problem.

Potential entrants to Creative Solutions Competition 2012 should give consideration to the following significant indicators of a good creation process:

  • The ability to exploit one's creative potential;
  • Identification of a problem or some aspect for improvement;
  • Good understanding of the needs of the clientele (users);
  • Understanding of the properties and characteristics of MATERIALS so that the most appropriate are employed and their potential exploited;
  • An appreciation of financial requirements, and whether the benefits of the creative solution are sufficiently significant to warrant the proposed expenditure; and
  • Environmental impact (determine whether the environmental costs are worth the benefits).

Scientific Innovation and Invention Competition

The Awards scheme is an important mechanism for spurring local innovation and invention across all sectors of the national community, which is imperative in light of Government's push to develop a highly diversified, knowledge-based economy founded on the creative genius of our people. The human mind is the most valuable resource for resolving the complex development issues that now threaten continued growth and prosperity worldwide. Building creative and innovative capacity is the key to Trinidad and Tobago generating new and sustainable sources of wealth, reducing dependency on the oil and gas sector, and creating employment. Potential entrants to the Scientific Innovation & Invention Competition should give consideration to the following when conceptualising ideas and designing the prototype:

  • What is the technical problem that your invention or innovation seeks to solve?
  • What is the state of the art regarding solutions to the technical problem?
  • Is your innovation/invention new? How is it differentiated from existing inventions or innovation that may be similar?
  • What are the benefits of your innovation/invention to society, environment, etc?
  • Does your innovation/invention possess the potential for further development?
  • What do you propose to do with your invention/innovation?