On Friday 15th April NIHERST will host its first Night of Science at the National Science Centre. This family event is offered to entertain and educate!


  • Telescope Viewing
  • TechKno Theatre Shows
  • Z- Space Virtual Reality
  • Brain Rush
  • 'Drunk' Walk
  • Kiddie Play
  • Raging Planet
  • Human Body
  • Robotics and Fab Lab
  • Outdoor Movie

(NB-These are subject to change.)

There will be door prizes and we are planning a special complimentary treat for visiting children.


  • The PLANETARIUM IS UNAVAILABLE as it is under renovation until June.
  • Telescope viewing is subject to weather conditions.

Telescope Viewing Advice


Security will be present and on patrol throughout the event to assist in securing patrons.

Bug Bites:

We've moved the telescope viewing to the paved area as some of our past patrons and staff experienced being bitten by ants on the lawn. We've attempted to eradicate the problem but we ask that persons be aware that this is an outdoor setting, please dress and prepare accordingly.

Night Vision:

It takes between 40 minutes to an hour for your eyes to become fully adapted to seeing in the dark, but even great astronomers need a little light to read a chart or tend to equipment. Unfortunately, any exposure to bright lights will instantly ruin your eye's acclimatization to the dark. Even cell phones contribute to poor night vision.

DIY (Do It Yourself):

The solution to this problem is to use a red light that won't affect your ability to see in the dark. It's easy. Just grab some red cellophane (or red 'sweety' paper), rubber bands and a torch light. Or use red nail polish on an old torch light!


Our telescopes are sensitive pieces of equipment. Please don't touch or move them as you can shift the focus away from the viewing object. Place your hands behind your back while looking through an eyepiece, don't worry our staff will be there to remind and assist you.

Food and Drink:

Please note that there will be food and drinks available for purchase. Please refrain from eating near the exhibits and telescopes.

Learn more about the Science Centre at http://www.niherst.gov.tt/nsc
or call the Marketing and Communication Dept. at 642-6112 Ext 222 or 758-3381